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About Us

Freshness Vape Co. was formally established in early 2016, founded by an ex-smoker who has a very acquired palate for E-Liquids. We are known as the “Crème de la Crème” of premium quality dessert flavoured E-Liquids available in this country.

Our head mixologist entered the world of DIY & started brewing E-Liquids back in 2014 offering you the flavours we have today. Each one of our flavours has gone through extensive testing within the vaping community to ensure you get the best taste possible with our premium quality E-Liquids regardless of the device you use. If you enjoy cloud chasing or a more stealthy option (small pen-like devices) our premium quality E-Liquids will be sure to satisfy your taste buds.

Today we are a small team who specialise in a premium blend of E-Liquids that are proudly brewed & bottled in Sydney Australia. We only use the highest quality ingredients known to the vaping industry. Our vegetable glycerine is 100% palm oil free that is of USP/BP grade, we do not use any oil or alcohol based flavourings.

Today we offer you 6 mouth-watering dessert flavours that give you the most realistic & authentic taste possible. We guarantee our E-Liquids are rich, deep, textured, flavourful & multi-layered. We have the most precise equipment to ensure you get the same exact taste every time you order from us.

Lastly we are one of the very few E-Liquid manufactures in this country who brew E-Liquid daily on a made to order basis. We offer you our service called “Easy-Mix” which basically allows you to have the preferred (or close as possible) PG/VG ratio. In addition to “Easy-Mix” we also blend our E-Liquids factoring in your nicotine requirements & type of nicotine you use, thus ensuring our brews will NOT be diluted when you add your nicotine.

Note: We do NOT sell or supply nicotine.