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E-Liquids 101

This section covers everything about E-Liquids, Singlers (ready to vape), Doublers, Mixing, Steeping, Nicotine, Storage, Shelf Life, etc etc etc...

E-Liquid is also known as “E-Juice” & “Juice”. It is a liquid that has been specially formulated purely for the use of electronic vaporizers/cigarettes. There are thousands of different flavours to choose from. In Australia E-Liquids are made up of 3 primary ingredients with a 4th optional ingredient at the users choose which we will explain below.

E-Liquids are made from 3 primary ingredients, with an option of 1 more “key” substance at the user’s option.

1st Primary ingredient: Propylene Glycol (PG), this is a tasteless, colourless, odourless substance in a liquid form that has a thin watery viscosity to it at room temperature. It is hydroscopic meaning it has the ability to trap water molecules and moisture in the air. PG has many other uses besides E-Liquids, PG is also used as a food additive, number E1520: as a humectant, solvent and preservative and it is used in medical applications for medicines that are either inhaled, ingested or injected/administered intravenously.

Note: In E-Liquids PG provides more flavour, more “throat hit” and less vapour production. 

2nd Primary Ingredient: Vegetable Glycerine (VG), this has a slightly sweet taste to it, it has a very thick viscosity to it at room temperature. It is hydroscopic meaning it has the ability to trap water molecules and moisture in the air. VG has many other uses besides E-Liquids, VG is used in many foods people consume on daily basis such as low fat snacks, icing for cakes, liquors, it is food additive E422. VG is also used in skin care products, cough syrups, personal hygiene products such as mouth wash and tooth paste. VG is non-toxic, it naturally occurs in soybeans, palm trees and animal fats.

Note: In E-Liquids VG provides less flavour, less “throat hit” more vapour production (clouds).

3rd Primary Ingredient: Food grade flavouring concentrates. While there are thousands of flavours out on the market, most flavourings are PG based (some flavourings are alcohol & oil based which can be very harsh to the user). A very small amount of flavourings are offered in a VG base.

It is strongly recommended to stay far away from any “Oil Based” flavourings in E-Liquids. It has been known some E-Liquid manufactures use water, vodka and even pure grain alcohol in its E-Liquids, it is recommended you avoid these E-Liquids as any good E-Liquid manufacturer should not need to use these.

Flavourings can make anywhere from 0.5% all the way up to 45% of the E-Liquid formulation/recipe.

4th Optional ingredient: Nicotine! Yeap that’s right, Nicotine. Most users who transition from smoking to vaping will generally require nicotine in their E-Liquid in order not to have the “ciggie cravings”.

Unfortunately in Australia it is currently illegal for any vape shop to sell and/supply nicotine. The user (you) & depending on your state & territory laws you may be able to import your own nicotine for personal use with a doctor’s prescription. Each state has its own laws, rules & regulations regarding to importation of nicotine. It is best to check up on the status of the laws regarding nicotine. Some states may allow it as others have a total ban on it (which leaves you in a tough position).

Australia is under a two-tier system in regards to importation of nicotine for personal use.

In Australia, studies and research are still underway to determine the “health effects” of vaping E-Liquids and to determine if they are “safer” alternative to smoking. We cannot comment nor legally make any claims at this time if E-Liquid is safe or “dangerous” at this present time due to the current laws.

E-Liquids come in 2 forms with an exclusive 3rd form offered by us.

  • The first form is what is known as a “Singler” (Ready To Vape)
  • The second form is what is known as a “Doubler” (requires DIY mixing)
  • The third form is what is known as “easy-mix” (made by Freshness Vape Co.)

In Australia nicotine is classified as a "Schedule 7" substance by the Federal Poisons Act, which prohibits it's retail sale in any concentration. Australia is still conducting studies and research about the "health effects" of vaping E-Liquid with and without nicotine. Each state and territory have different laws, rules and regulations in regards to nicotine possession. Plenty of information about this is freely available online.

Due to the legal issues and implications currently here in Australia, Freshness Vape Co. cannot comment on where to purchase your own nicotine from. The advice given below is only general advice that is freely available to every person in Australia, the below information is not the advice of Freshness Vape Co. directly.

“mg stands for Milligram”

  • Look for something that is 100% PG or 100% VG based Nicotine at NO MORE than 100mg in Strength. Make sure the Nicotine is Pharma grade PG or VG (USP Grade or BP Grade). Anything lower than Pharma Grade is of a lower quality.
  • Find a reputable vendor (outside Australia) who makes their own Nicotine. The highest quality nicotine is diluted in pharma-grade PG/VG.
  • Do some basic research into the brand and check out the reviews and feedback. Look for someone who has been in business for a long time. American vendors/suppliers/manufactures have proven high quality and consistent Nicotine with appropriate warnings, labels and lids. It has been known some that some suppliers/vendors/manufactures in China have been freely and happily supplying NEW un-experienced and un-educated users with 1000mg nicotine with little to no warning.
  • The user should get a doctor’s prescription before attempting to import nicotine
  • Do not import more than a “3month” supply of Nicotine.
  • Purchase a few smaller empty bottles to break the Nicotine down into, it makes handling Nicotine much easier compared to 1 big bottle.
  • Get the fastest possible shipping method as Nicotine will quickly go “off” and can spoil under long, hot, humid conditions. Do not be a cheap on shipping as you may end up paying double if the bottle of Nicotine sits in transit for too long.
  • Check the batch number and ensure it is not expired! If it is expired though very rarely, do contact the vendor, reputable American vendors usually replace free of charge if this is the case.
  • It is up to the user to check the rules, regulations and laws in regards to importation of nicotine as each state and territory has different laws, rules and regulations.


Please note: There is not set quantity for a 3month supply. 1 litre of Nicotine in 100mg of strength could potentially last a user about 1 year if they require lower Nicotine mg strength eg 1-3mg, though a user who requires 36mg in strength, 1 Litre of 100mg Nicotine may only last 3 months.

One of the best brands of nicotine we have found comes from “Nude Nicotine”.

“Nicotine” is used in order not to confuse the reader with “Pure Nicotine”.

Safety first!

Nicotine is toxic, hazardous, poisonous, and it can kill you with the right dosage. Nicotine is hygroscopic as it is diluted in PG or VG and/or but not so common PG&VG.

Whenever handling Nicotine always wear thick heavy duty chemical resistant rubber gloves, eye protection, facemask, long sleeve clothing, full legged pants, and enclosed shoes. If you do get nicotine on any part of your body immediately wash with cold water for 15 mins and consult a poisons hotline.  If you do spill nicotine on the table do not panic, take your time, use dry paper towels and clean up the area, then go over with wet paper towels. Make sure after cleaning you put the contaminated paper towels in a freezer bag with a tight knot and throw them in the garbage bin. Do not throw them in the kitchen bin as minors and pets may get access to it.

While some may say this is an overkill, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

It is best to store Nicotine in 2 plastic freezer bags with a tight knot in the fridge when not in use. Put a warning label inside the freezer bag to warn others. Do not leave the lid open as Nicotine will quickly deteriorate with oxygen, moisture and heat. Do not place the Nicotine in the fridge where minors can easily access it.

As stated before, it is recommended the user breaks the large bottle of Nicotine down into smaller bottles (or purchase smaller bottles to begin with, though the larger bottle are more cost effective), it makes handling it much easier and cleaner, do not store nicotine in the freezer as it will need time to de-frost before the user can use it. De-frosting takes longer as appose to having it in the fridge and during the de-frosting the nicotine can take on extra moisture in the air.


Please note: It is best to store Nicotine in glass bottles. Do not store in dropper bottles because the rubber/silicone on the dropper leeches air and will allow moisture in over time. It is best to find a bottle with a proper lid that has a silicone or foam seal to block any air from entering and lined internally with a silver seal inside. If the user does not have access to glass, thick heavy duty chemical resistant plastic will do the trick but will lower the life of the Nicotine as plastic will leech air in and out. Get a separate dispenser style lid with a thin nozzle to screw onto the bottle whenever the user requires the nicotine. Also a syringe can be used to extract the nicotine more efficiently. Though the user needs to safely dispose of the syringe after each use to avoid contamination. 

When stored in the right conditions Nicotine should last up to 3-6 months. Some users have reported using their nicotine after 1 year with no issues, but due to the nature of nicotine oxidising with PG/VG over time, in respect for the users health and safety aspect, Nicotine should be disposed of safely after 6 months.

If Nicotine starts to taste “foul” or “weird” or “off” or “peppery” or “spicy” for no apparent reason it has probably been contaminated. It is in the user’s best interest to dispose of it safely.

If Nicotine has changed to a brownish colour it has most likely spoilt. It is in the user’s best interest to dispose of it safely.

It is recommended the user orders no more than 100mg in strength and in 100% PG Base or 100% VG Base, the user can order lower if they wish, though it simply means the lower mg strength will require more liquid to mix e-liquid to their desired strength (again think of it as cordial). 100mg has proven to be very cost effective. 200mg is being offered but it only recommended for the highly experienced user. Do not under any circumstances order 1000mg as this is basically pure nicotine that should not be used in e-liquids under circumstances. 

If Nicotine has a “peppery” or “spicy” taste to it, it means one of two things:

1st Poor quality nicotine

2nd Contaminated nicotine due to oxidation with oxygen

Solution: Dispose of it safely.

This is a very hard question to answer because there are many factors to consider, A simple answer is it depends on the user. The factors to consider:

  • Every user desires different strength.
  • What may be good for one person may not be practical for another user.
  • The PG/VG ratios of the E-Liquid also effect the throat hit.
  • The most important factor to consider that not many people understand is the type of coil and tank the user chooses to vape on effects the nicotine delivery to the user.


A basic guide is displayed below but is subjective:

0mg Nicotine: No nicotine present

1-3mg: Ultra Light
4-6mg: Light
7-9mg: Medium 
10-12mg: Medium-Heavy
13-16mg: Heavy/Full Strength
17-24mg: Ultra-Strength 
24-36mg: Ultra-Heavy-Full Strength

(Please take into consideration that the coil the user chooses to vape on will effect the nicotine delivery to the user)

PG/VG ratios play a big part on the “throat hit” to the user. To keep things simple:

  • PG produces more flavour, more throat hit and less vapour production
  • VG produces less flavour, less throat hit and more vapour production

A good example is: A standard 50/50 PG/VG blend of E-Liquid with a strength of 6mg may seem too harsh of a throat hit to the user. It is up to the user to determine the PG/VG ratios to best suit their style of vaping. A good starting point is to vape with a E-Liquid of 50/50 PG/VG ratio, get used to vaping as this is something very different to smoking, then start to experiment with different ratios (eg 30PG/70VG).

The user has 2 options to go about it:

1st option is to lower the nicotine strength to 3mg, have a vape and determine if that suits the user better.

2nd option is if the lower nicotine strength of 3mg is not working and the user still has the “ciggie” cravings compared to 6mg the user needs to bump back up to 6mg nicotine. In this instance the user then needs to mix a higher VG E-Liquid (40PG/60VG) because the PG is too harsh for the user.

Please note: While it may seem expensive with allot of wasted E-Liquid in reality the cost of E-Liquid is nothing compared to a pack of cigarettes. Once the user has found their preferred ratios it generally should remain the same for most standard E-Liquid blends of 50/50 PG/VG. If any alterations to E-Liquid must be made the user needs to purchase a new bottle of E-Liquid and start again. The other option is the user can purchase 100% PG and VG separately, use a “doubler calculator” to find out how much mixing is required and vape “unflavoured” E-Liquid to keep costs to a minimum until the user finds their desired ratio. Do take into consideration that VG does mute the flavour of E-Liquid. 

E Liquids “Ready To Vape” are also known as “Singlers”. They are very simple, they are pre-mixed E-liquid that is ready to vape straight away, no need to mix or “steep” the E-Liquid. In Australia “Singlers” do not contain any nicotine. Singlers contain the following ingredients: Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerine (VG) and flavouring concentrates. Singlers are NOT designed or intended to have Nicotine added to them. If the user does decide to add nicotine to a “Singler” E-Liquid it will dilute and lower the flavour output and consistency of the E-Liquid depending on how much nicotine the user puts in. “Doublers” are perfect if the user wants to put nicotine into them.

Please note: Some vape shops tell their customers to simply top nicotine to a singler, whilst this may be OK if you are using 100mg strength nicotine and vaping less than 3mg the user will not notice a change in flavour. However if you require 36mg you will not be able to fit the required nicotine into the bottle, even if the bottle was large enough you would heavily dilute the flavour.

  • The moment the user adds nicotine (at the users choice) to a singler it will dilute the flavour making it weaker.
  • How much weaker really all depends on the users nicotine requirements and strength of nicotine the user is working with.
  • A user who only desires 1mg of nicotine “may” not notice a change in flavour, however a user who desires 36mg of nicotine will notice much lower, diluted and muted flavour when compared to a properly mixed doubler E-Liquid.
  • The user may also experience extra throat hit/harshness in the E-Liquid because of the change of PG/VG ratios not being accurate.

Please note: While some E-Liquid manufactures and vape shops will call “bullshit” on this, it is best to question them with the above points, if they fail to acknowledge the above points as being true and correct, they simply don’t understand enough about E-Liquids and Nicotine.

This is something the user needs to take into strong consideration. Putting aside PG & VG ratios in E-Liquids. Heat and power effects how much nicotine the user receives.

  • A coil that is rated at a lower ohm (eg 0.15ohm) will require much more power (possibly 100+ watts depending on the manufacturer of the coil) in order for the coil to heat up and produce vapour. In respect the more power required will translate into more vapour production, more vapour production means more nicotine delivery. A user may only require 1mg of nicotine if vaping on a low ohmage coil in order to stop the “cigge” cravings. The more power means more E-Liquid consumption.
  • A coil that is rated at a higher ohm (eg 1.50ohms) will require much less power (between 5-10 watts depending on the manufacturer of the coil) in order for the coil to heat up and produce vapour. Because there is less vapour production being produced the user will receive less nicotine delivery compared to a lower ohmage coil that produces more vapour. In this instance the user may require 9mg of nicotine delivery in order to stop the “cigge” cravings. The less power means less E-Liquid consumption.

Sub-Ohm tanks have become very popular because of their options available, ease of use, E-Liquid capacity and reliability. The user can choose coils ranging from 0.15ohms all the way up to 0.95ohms depending on the manufacturer of the tanks and coils. This allows the user to choose from a very large range of tanks and coils that may suit the user best without the need to go into “rebuildable atomizers” or a basic stick style “vape pen/starter pen style kit”.

If no Sub-Ohm tank suits the user, they have an option to choose and vape with a “rebuildable atomizer” (RDA or RTA), the user can build the coils to the specs that they desire. Though much research must be done by the user before even attempting to use a rebuildable atomizer as these types of hardware are for advanced users only.

E-Liquid doublers are very simple. They contain double the flavour concentrate with only half the amount of PG and VG in the bottle, in Australia “doublers do not contain any nicotine”. (A 15ml doubler will mix up to 30mls) they are made this way so the user can mix whatever PG/VG ratios they prefer in addition the user can add their desired nicotine into the “doubler” (if they choose to) without diluting the flavour at all. Think of doublers as cordial (you add water to cordial concentrate dilute it, except instead of water you need to add PG, VG and nicotine).  

Freshness Vape Co. is so awesome we now offer an “easy mix” solution for all our E-Liquids.

Easy-Mix is easy as:

  • Forget trying to calculate your doublers
  • Forget the mess of mixing PG/VG
  • Forget trying to squeeze in your nicotine into a pre-mixed E-Liquid with uncertainty.
  • Say hello to “Easy-Mix”

Option 1:

If you don’t vape with any nicotine simply just tell us in the comments section when checking out “Option 1” and your desired PG/VG Ratio and we will blend your E-Liquid to your desires.

(Example in the comments section when checking out: Option 1, 40PG/60VG)

Option 2:

If you vape with nicotine simply just tell us the following when checking out:

  1. The strength of nicotine you use (eg 100mg)
  2. The base your nicotine is (eg 100% PG)
  3. The strength you vape at (eg 3mg)
  4. The PG/VG Ratio you desire (eg 40PG/60VG)

(Example in the comments section when checking out: Option 2, 1. 100mg, 2. 100% PG, 3. 3mg, 4. 40PG/60VG)

Then what we will do is we will blend your E-Liquids exactly to the information you have given us and we will write down on your invoice EXACTLY how much nicotine YOU need to add to your bottles of E-Liquids in Millilitres (mls) and Grams (gr)

Please note: It is illegal to sell and supply nicotine in Australia, Freshness Vapes cannot and will NOT sell or supply any nicotine. Please do not ask us for it! 

Mixing doublers is easy with the right tools and information. The user has 3 options to go about mixing doublers. Freshness Vapes has a doubler calculator on our website. It is as simple inputting your requirements.

  • The first option and most recommended option because of its accuracy, less mess and ease is to mix by gram weight. Digital scales can be purchased from most electronic hardware shops and online in and around Australia for less than $20, a scale up to 200grams is more than adequate. Once the user has all their E-Liquids and hardware they need to use a doubler calculator and punch in all the numbers on our doubler calculator.


A basic step by step guide on how to use a doubler calculator:

  • 1st The user needs to the input the doubler millilitres (ml) (eg15ml doubler)
  • 2nd The user needs to input in the E-Liquid Doubler PG/VG ratio (eg 50/50)
  • 3rd The user needs to input their desired PG/VG ratio (eg 40/60)
  • 4th The user needs to input their Nicotine mg strength (eg 100mg) and take strong note if their Nicotine is PG or VG based as these have 2 different values. (eg the user will input 100% PG base)
  • 5th The user needs to input their desired mg strength (eg 3mg)


Once this information has been put into the doubler calculator, the calculator will then display the required values for each competent (PG/VG and/or nicotine).

Please note: If the user does not desire any nicotine in their E-Liquid they must make sure the desired mg strength is ZERO.

Now let’s say the user uses the above information the doubler calculator should display the following information:

  • Required PG to add: 3.74g
  • Required VG to add: 13.23g
  • Required PG Based Nicotine to add: 0.93g

This means the user would need to add the above values to the doubler.

If the user is unsure about the weights being displayed the user can use another doubler calculator that displays (ml) and not gram weights and work of this formula:

  • 100% VG weight: 1.26 grams per ml
  • 100% PG weight: 1.038 grams per ml
  • 100% 100MG PG Based Nicotine: 1.0352 grams per ml

Now working with ml with the above information, the doubler calculator should display the following information

  • Required PG to add: 3.60ml
  • Required VG to add: 10.50ml
  • Required 100% PG Based Nicotine: 0.90ml

Now time for some maths:

  • 100% PG: 3.60(ml) X by 1.038(gr) = 3.73 grams
  • 100% VG: 10.50(ml) X by 1.26(gr) = 13.23 grams
  • 100% 100MG PG Based Nicotine: 0.90(ml) x by 1.0352(gr) = 0.93 grams


Please note: It is okay to have +- of 0.01 grams as this amount is very negligible. 


  • The second option available is to mix by millilitres (ml). The same methods as mentioned above in the first option will apply to this, expect the user will require measuring equipment such as a syringe for small batches and beakers with large batches. The problem with doing this method is that it becomes more time consuming for the user, more mess and more costs. The accuracy is also reduced substantially compared to mixing by weight due to more chance of user error and the printing on the syringe may not be as accurate, plus there will always be small tiny amounts of PG/VG and/or nicotine left in the syringe that should have gone into the e-liquid. If mixing by ml the user must never mix the syringe, the user must have at least 3 dedicated syringes to avoid cross contamination. Once mixing has been completed it is recommended the user disposes of the syringes safely to avoid contamination with future mixes. 


  • The third and final option is for the user to make their own large batch (500ml +) of only PG/VG and/or nicotine to their own desires/requirements that will be used to mixed doublers. The user will need to use a “DIY E-Liquid Calculator”, which works very similar to a doubler calculator except the user will only need to input the PG/VG and nicotine requirements they require. Then the user will need to divide the PG and VG by half because it is going into a doubler (remember a doubler has twice the flavouring in half the bottle, E-Liquid makers half the PG/VG ratios so the user can mix to their preferences.


The user will need to input the information into the DIY E-Liquid Calculator, an example below:

  • Amount to make: 500ml
  • Desired PG: 40%
  • Desired VG: 60%
  • Desired Nicotine Strength: 3mg
  • Nicotine Strength: 100mg
  • Nicotine Base: 100% PG


The following numbers will be displayed

  • Required PG: 185ml/191.66gr
  • Required VG: 300ml/378.3gr
  • Required Nicotine 100mg (100% PG Base): 15ml/15.54gr


The nicotine will remain unchanged in this instance because it is going into a doubler (doublers include half the PG/VG ratio with no nicotine), the user will then need to divide the PG and VG by half. Which should work out to the following numbers below:

  • Required PG: 92.50ml/95.83gr
  • Required VG: 150ml/189.15gr
  • Required Nicotine 100mg (100% PG Base): 15ml/15.54gr (do not divide this number)


Once the user has made a batch, it is best to let it steep for 1 day before adding it to a doubler, the user simply uses a doubler calculator, then adds the total required numbers of PG/VG and/or nicotine and simply adds that to the doubler. Using a doubler calculator take the first example shown below:

  • 15ml doubler 50/50 PG/VG Ratio
  • Desired PG/VG of 40/60
  • Desired Strength in PG Based Nicotine: 3mg

After inputting that information into a doubler calculator, it should display the following information:

  • Required PG to add: 3.74g/3.60ml
  • Required VG to add: 13.23g/10.50ml
  • Required PG Based Nicotine to add: 0.93g/0.90ml


The user will add those numbers up and add the total number to the doubler should be:

  • 3.74g+13.23g+0.93g= 17.90gr


  • 3.60ml+10.50ml+0.90ml=15ml

This makes mixing many E-Liquid doublers very easy, though it limits the user’s ability to adjust the PG/VG ratio of the doubler, (unless they make another separate batch of another PG/VG ratio). Another issue with this is that the batch of PG/VG and/or nicotine should be used or disposed of safely within a 3 month period. 

Steeping E-Liquid is only required for E-Liquid “doublers” & our “easy-mix” option, the user simply needs to allow the E-Liquid mellow out after mixing the doubler, steeping allows the flavour molecules to bond together with the users freshly mixed PG/VG and nicotine. The longer the user waits the better the flavour. (Think of it like wine in a barrel, the wine is put away for many years so the flavours can all come together)

Steeping will change the colour of the E-Liquid (usually darker) as this is due to the nicotine oxidizing with the E-Liquid, this process is perfectly normal and nothing to be concerned about. Some E-Liquids will even change colours depending on outside temperature.

Steeping can be anywhere from 1 day to 4 weeks depending on the type of E-Liquid, each E-Liquid sold on Freshness Vapes has the steep times listed. Once you add nicotine to your E-Liquid it must steep for at least 24 hours. This is to ensure the nicotine has had a chance to bond with the flavouring, PG and VG. If you vape an E-Liquid too early it may not taste too good, if this is the case simply wait longer for the E-Liquid to mellow out. Light fruity flavoured E-Liquids generally don’t need more than a few days to steep, as heavy, thick, rich, creamy, dessert flavoured E-Liquids need days to weeks to steep.

Please strongly note: In a temperature controlled environment, singler E-Liquids (without nicotine) have a typical shelf life of 1 year once bottled from the maker of the E-Liquid. Doubler E-Liquids unmixed have a 1 year shelf life too when bottled from the E-Liquid maker, though once nicotine has been mixed into an E-Liquid doubler the user should consume or dispose of the E-Liquid within a 3-6 month period depending on the type of E-Liquid.

Steeping E-Liquid is as hard as the user makes it to be, there is a tone of information out on the internet with over 50 different methods for steeping E-Liquids. The most common and most EASY way of steeping E-Liquid is:

Step 1: When the user has mixed the E-Liquid doubler, place the lid on the bottle of E-Liquid and ensure it is closed tightly then give it a good vigorous shake for 2 minutes.

Step 2: Place the bottle of E-Liquid into a cup or sink of warm/hot water for 10-15mins, (hot tap water will do the trick, do not use boiling hot water)

Step 3: Remove the bottle of E-Liquid and give it a good vigorous shake for 1 minute.

Step 4: Place the bottle of E-Liquid in a cool, dry, dark place away from heat and sunlight and let it sit there.

Step 5: Vigorously shake the bottle of E-Liquid once a day for 30 seconds. After shaking remove the lid off the bottle of E-Liquid and allow the E-Liquid to breath for 2 minutes. (This will give a chance for the nicotine to get fresh oxygen and continue to oxidise the E-Liquid).

Step 6: Place the lid back on the bottle of E-Liquid and ensure it is closed tightly then give it a quick vigorous shake for 30 seconds and put the bottle of E-Liquid back in a cool, dry, dark place away from heat and sunlight.

Step 7: Repeat steps 5 & 6 according to the steep time recommended for each E-Liquid.

Step 8: When steeping is finished remove the child proof cap off the E-Liquid bottle and allow it to “breath” for 15-20mins.

Step 9:  Place the lid back on the bottle of E-Liquid ensuring it is tightly secured.

Step 10: Give the bottle of E-Liquid one final shake for 30 seconds and VAPE!

Another good option is known as “speed steeping”. True speed steeping is when the user places the freshly mixed E-Liquid doubler bottle into an ultrasonic. This speeds up the process to 15mins-2hrs depending on the type of E-Liquid. Ultra-Sonics can be purchased online in and around Australia with prices ranging from $150-$1000+. While the cheaper ones tend to break after some usage and not really do a good job, they can also only be used in 15min intervals. If the user is serious about longevity and quality, jewellery ultra-sonic clears at the $500-$750 mark can last a few years if looked after correctly. A good ultra-sonic should have a timer that goes up to 1hr and most importantly temperature controlled.

Strong notes to take into consideration when using ultra Sonic’s:

  • Do not use plastic bottles of E-Liquid too steep in an ultra-sonic as this can cause all sorts of chemicals from the plastic bottles that will leach into the E-Liquid when the ultra-sonic gets too hot. The user must use glass bottles.
  • Do not exceed 45 degrees Celsius when steeping E-Liquid in an ultra-sonic
  • Never leave an ultra-sonic un-attended when in use
  • Always read manufactures instructions before using an ultra-sonic
  • Speed steeping is only for the highly experienced users!

Vapers tongue, the one thing that every user fears. This basically means the users taste buds have become accustomed to a particular flavour and all their e-liquid lost its flavour or all of them taste the same. Don’t worry, do not go into a rage and throw your stuff away, it happens to everyone and anyone, its more common with people who just came off the cigarettes as your taste buds are re-setting themselves, vapers tongue mainly happens when you vape the same flavour days and weeks on end without any change up. It is recommended you have a rotation of 2-3 flavours for the week in order to combat vapers tongue. A cure for vapers tongue is to vape menthol flavoured e-liquid for a few days as menthol will be the only taste the user will be able to taste (Koolada/ice is not menthol).

Smelling Coffee beans, brushing your teeth, stuffing your mouth with pickles will not help. You just need to wait it out and stop using that same flavour for a couple of weeks.

There is not a single known E-Liquid in Australia that is only menthol. So here is a E-Liquid recipe that we use often as we sometimes gets vapers tongue once a month. Do not confuse Koolada/ice with menthol.

4% The Flavour Apprentice (TFA) Menthol mixed at a 40/60 blend of PG/VG. (Vape for a few days)

The user can tweak the flavour % to whatever they desire 4% may seem too harsh for some users or not strong enough for others. Do not mix any other flavours with this. Keep it simple!